New Organic CBD Balm by Cornbread Hemp Debuts with USDA Certification

 CBD is a commonly used remedy for a wide range of ailments, including pain, anxiety, inflammation, and insomnia. The dosage of CBD you use can vary based on the stronger or weaker effects you want to achieve, but generally speaking, low- to mid-level amounts of CBD are more effective than high amounts. However, many people are concerned about the unknowns of using CBD, such as the long-term effects on health or the negative effects of ingesting other chemicals in the CBD extract.

For the past few years, manufacturers have been scrambling to get products placed on shelves that contain the chemical compound cannabidiol (CBD). CBD is a chemical compound found in cannabis and hemp, and has been used in a variety of applications, including drinks, cosmetics, and health products. But now, CBD has been officially deemed safe for human consumption, and it’s about to be available for consumers in the form of an all-natural CBD oil balm.

word-image-8384 – display Cornbread Hemp has launched a brand new USDA 500mg CBD organic balm. This new CBD balm is made with USDA organic ingredients like full spectrum hemp extract, arnica and peppermint. It is ideal for relieving joint and muscle tension in active adults. Cornbread Hemp Balm by USDA CBD contains 500mg of CBD, is safe and easy to use. It offers a fresh sensation and a pine scent with mint that makes it pleasant and relaxing. The balm contains Cornbread Hemp full flower CBD oil, organic hemp flower extract, full spectrum cannabinoids and less than 0.3% THC. It also contains organic eucalyptus, arnica and peppermint in a base formula of organic carnauba wax, shea butter and jojoba oil. Jim Higdon, Cornbread Hemp’s Public Relations Manager, is pleased to report that the company has made great progress in producing this high-quality balm. Last year, Cornbread launched the world’s first USDA compliant organic CBD oil. Today, the company is excited to launch the first organic CBD topical products that meet USDA standards. The company is a pioneer in the production of USDA organic CBD products that meet the needs of American customers. The USDA organic seal assures consumers that they are receiving CBD products that are free of genetically modified seeds, synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. The USDA Cornbread Hemp label is authenticated by a thorough third-party certification audit to verify that each ingredient meets the standards of the USDA’s National Organic Program. In addition to USDA organic certification, Cornbread Hemp products are tested in third-party laboratories, and relevant data is offered to customers before they purchase the products. Cornbread Hemp also offers consumer-focused educational content to help consumers better understand CBD. Last year, Thrillist, Forbes, New York Magazine, The Daily Breast and other leading magazines and online news sites wrote about Cornbread Hemp. Best Reviews called Cornbread Hemp the best of the best, and LA Weekly declared it the new standard for pure CBD. Cornbread Hemp plans to release new USDA Organic CBD lotions and chewables by the end of the year.

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