Rumor: IO Interactive’s Microsoft-backed Project Dragon might be an MMO

I recently got the chance to ask Dan Wilcox, the president of IO Interactive, the developer behind the Hitman series, about the new game he’s working on. The new game is codenamed Project Dragon, and it’s being built using Microsoft’s Azure cloud technology. As I mentioned in my piece, “IO is known for producing some of the best stealth games on the market, so this announcement is a bit of a surprise.”

The days of being a PC gamer are numbered for many, as most people spend more time on their phones, tablets, and consoles. Fans of the immersive, open world role-playing game genre are not happy with this situation, and they want to see games on the big screen again. IO Interactive, a studio that’s work on some of the biggest video game franchises in recent years, is working on a new project that will be published by Microsoft. The game is currently codenamed Dragon, and according to rumors, it could be a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that could revolutionize the gaming industry.

word-image-11283 Some clever Redditors have discovered an interesting excerpt from the Xbox Two podcast that promises interesting news for MMO players. Back in April, rumors circulated that IO Interactive’s next game, Project Dragon, would be a Microsoft-backed fantasy RPG that would take the studio in a whole new direction. It didn’t seem to be in our area, so we didn’t pay much attention to it. But on this week’s Xbox Two podcast during E3, the hosts discuss the rumors and conjecture in more detail, suggesting that it’s not just an MMO, but a big one. It’s a brand new development, says journalist Jez Corden about the worst-kept secret of all time, noting that he doesn’t think we’ll hear anything new until 2022 or 2023. They literally didn’t sign it until February, I think. I think it was submitted in February and not signed until March. I will say that the Dragon Project is grand and ambitious. It’s a very ambitious game. What they’re trying to do in this game seems – I don’t know, it seems impossible. Maybe some of these things will be removed before launch, or maybe it’s something like their North Star, which they’re aiming for now. It will probably look very different than I imagine it will at launch, except that it will look like a medieval RPG. But as far as I’m concerned, this game is a huge undertaking – essentially an MMO, I suppose, but as a next-gen MMO. A game with a new generation of service connection. They want to compete with games like World of Warcraft and Co.

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